Jan 2, 2016

Thank You

Art of Mob is now online as a resource only - no new posts will be published. Thank you to all who read, contributed to or supported Art of Mob over the years. A special thank you to the app developers and product creators whose generosity allowed me to host giveaways. I appreciate each and every one of you. I will still be creating iPhone art. You can find me on Instagram and Flickr.

Dec 31, 2015

Mob Paint #47

This super-sized showcase is the final one for 2015 and the final for Art of Mob, but more on that later. It is so interesting to see just how far we have come with mobile photography and painterly mobile art. I want to thank all who participated this year. 

As for the future of Art of Mob...I tried to continue on a limited basis this year but soon found myself blogging at nearly the pace I had in previous years. So, I'll be discontinuing posting new articles but will leave Art of Mob online as a resource for those interested in mobile photography.

Wishing each and every one of you a happy, healthy and safe 2016.

Sandra Becker - Wood Nymph, Enticed

Camera+, Slow Shutter Cam; processed using Facetune, Procreate, iColorama, Superimpose, Flowpaper, & Grunge HD.
This piece was inspired by my study of the painting 'Primavera' by Sandro Botticelli which can be seen as an elaborate mythological allegory of the burgeoning fertility of the world as shown in the spring wood nymph he painted. My idea was to show this allegory as a fall scene of a modern Wood Nymph who ruled over those who now sought her for protection over the upcoming winter worlds hazardous ways. Among those was Bird whose species was soon to die out unless Wood Nymph gave the few who remained her magical attention. Thus Bird is shown enticing Wood Nymph for her protections. With this story in mind I chose from a variety of mobile photos I had taken while also thinking of apps and processes to use. I put the chosen photos in a separate album in my photo app and started working from that album to pull the photos as I saw fit. I used superimpose to extract some of the elements from their background to create PNG files that I could add from. The wood nymphs face was put through Facetune & reworked with another facial profile. I worked back and forth in procreate and iColorama adding elements & effects as needed. Grunge HD was used to show a tear in the upper portion which was then overlapped onto the lower image and the whole reworked for linear aesthetic pause. I used Flowpaper to create the blueish flowing forms coming from the birds feet to entice, encircle, the wood nymph and mirror the linear tear for emphasis. Many filters were used in combining images to get the best effects and a lot of masking in iColorama. Experimenting with my images in various apps is what fascinates me the most as so many different effects can be had and aesthetic choices made as the process grows.

Dec 18, 2015

GeometriCam Released and I Have a Giveaway!

Just released! GeometriCam - a real-time abstract geometric design app and I have a GIVEAWAY

Leave a comment for a chance to win one of three promo codes. Winners will be selected by random draw at noon on Sunday, December 20, 2015 at 3 PM PST.

Press Release:

GeometriCam for iPhone / Photo & Video / ©2015 

«ABSTRACTION IS REAL» (J. Albers, 1966)

GeometriCam uses the iPhone camera as a live video source to generate stylish geometric compositions in real-time.

Explore your surroundings through the eyes of geometry and be amazed by shapes and colors that change as you move around: creating abstract masterpieces has never been so fun and easy!

With GeometriCam you can: - capture beautifully crisp images and video clips while controlling a powerful GPU- accelerated filtering engine;
- import and process images and video clips straight from your photo albums and export professional-quality content;
- take total control of different stages of non-linear, non-destructive granular editing through innovative and intuitive tools.

Behind the scenes your composition is a grid: use your fingers to change the size and aspect ratio of the cells or benefit from smart tools specifically created to help you adjust, refine and frame the layout. See complex patterns come true in seconds thanks to a special UI designed to offer a streamlined, one-handed experience.

Dec 14, 2015

Giveaway! Brushstroke 2.1 Released - Now With Face Detection

The Brushstroke app for creating painterly images just got better with their new version 2.1 released today and I have TEN (yes 10!) promo codes to give away. Leave a comment below - winners will be selected by random draw on Wednesday at 4 PM PST.

What's new?

Face detection which allows for adjusting the detail in faces
Support for iCloud Photo Library and Photo Streams
Optimized for iOS 9 and iPad Pro
3D Touch Quick Actions and Peek and Pop photo previews for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
TIFF file format option added (enable in settings)

Here's a quick sample to show the difference in an image with no face detection (left) and 100% face detection (right).

Dec 4, 2015

Giveaway - Colors AlTaglio - A Novel New Color Correction App

Roger Tallada, developer of the brand new photo app, Colors AlTaglio, was kind enough to answer a few questions about his new app. He also generously provided FIVE promo codes for a giveaway! Be sure to leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway. Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 5 at noon, PST.

What is your name and how are you affiliated with the Colors AlTaglio app? 

RT: My name is Roger Tallada, I'm the sole developer and designer of Colors AlTaglio. I've done everything from programming the app to making the website and designing the icon.

Do you have a photography or art background?

RT: I do have an artistic background, I've been a professional illustrator and comic book artist for more than ten years. I have a degree in computer software and started my professional life as a software developer for a magazine publishing company but I always wanted to be an illustrator. One day I quit my job to follow my dream.

Dec 3, 2015

Mob Street No. 15

“Cities have always offered anonymity, variety, and conjunction, qualities best basked in by walking: one does not have to go into the bakery or the fortune-teller's, only to know that one might. A city always contains more than any inhabitant can know, and a great city always makes the unknown and the possible spurs to the imagination.” ― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

For this week's showcase I asked the photographers whose works were selected to provide the name of the city where the photo was taken. Where provided it is listed next to the photographer's name. We have images from Agra, India to Seattle, Washington. So many different places represented in the Mob Street Flickr Group.

Julia Nathanson - Toronto, Canada

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